do tank hedgehogs work

Do Tank Hedgehogs Work?

Hedgehogs are a unique animal to keep as a pet and they come with their own set of needs. A tank set-up is sometimes used to house hedgehogs; but do tank hedgehogs work?


  • No need to buy a large cage: Because hedgehogs enjoy exploring, it can be a challenge to keep them contained in one area. Tank hedgehogs can offer an affordable way to contain them.
  • Easy to keep clean: Tank set-ups are easier to maintain than large cages.
  • Makes hedgehog disabilities more manageable: For disabled hedgehogs, a tank can help you to keep them safe.


  • Space Requirements: Tank set-ups are typically limited to two cubic feet or less of space. This presents problems with size restrictions and creating an adequate living area.
  • Cost: Tanks tend to be pricier than cages, as tanks generally need lights, fixtures, and additional accessories.
  • Environmental Needs: Hedgehogs require multiple temperatures in their environment to stay comfortable, something that tanks will not easily provide.

So, do tank hedgehogs work? Tank hedgehogs can offer the advantages of containing your pet, easier cleaning routines, and safety management for disabilities. However, tanks demand more from your wallet, can produce inadequate living spaces and difficulties with environmental needs. The decision to house your hedgehog in a tank is ultimately personal and based on the individual needs of your pet.

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