Do Turtles Breathe Air


Do Turtles Breathe Air?

Turtles are one of the oldest reptilian species on the planet, and curiosity around how they function and exist can be common. One such curiosity is whether or not turtles breathe air like other species do.

What do Turtles Need to Survive?

Turtles need some essential elements to stay alive and healthy. These include:

    • Clean and fresh water


    • Safe, warm environments


    • Oxygen


    • Nutritious food


    • A clean habitat


How do Turtles Breathe?

Turtles, like other reptiles, do in fact breathe air. However, depending on the type of turtle, different breathing processes may be implemented.

Aquatic Turtles


    • These types of turtles are mostly found in water, hence their name.


    • While underwater, aquatic turtles take in oxygen from the water.


    • At the same time, carbon dioxide is released from the turtle.


    • However, aquatic turtles also need to surface for air (oxygen) about every hour.


    • This is why having access to the surface of the water for a turtle is essential for them to breathe and stay alive.


Terrestrial Turtles


    • These turtles primarily live on land.


    • Terrestrial turtles breathe air just like humans do.


    • They need to be able to reach the surface to get oxygen, so having access to open-air is essential for a terrestrial turtle.


In conclusion, turtles do breathe air, though the process that they use to do so depends on the type of turtle and their environment. The importance of having access to open-air is essential for the health of any variety of turtle.

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