Do Turtles Have Dicks


Do Turtles Have Dicks?


Do Turtles Have Dicks This is a question that many people have asked time and time again. The answer to this question is a bit complicated as it depends on the species of turtle in question. Let’s take a look at the specifics to get a better understanding of the anatomy of these amphibious creatures.

Male Turtle Anatomy


Male turtles, just like other vertebrate animals, have a penis and two testicles which are stored inside their shells. The penis of a male turtle is generally visible and is designed for copulation.

Female Turtle Anatomy


Female turtles are a little harder to detect since they don’t have an external penis. Female turtles have a cloaca which is used to both defecate and accept a male’s sperm during reproduction.

Do Turtles Have External Genitalia?


In general, yes. Male turtles have an external penis and female turtles have an external cloaca. These genitalia are generally hidden underneath the turtle’s carapace but are present nonetheless. As for the size of these genitalia, it varies with species and size of the turtle.



So, to answer the question “Do turtles have dicks?”, male turtles do have an external penis while female turtles have a cloaca. Both are used during reproduction and can vary in size depending on the species and size of the turtle.

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