do turtles have ears

Do Turtles Have Ears?

Turtles are fascinating creatures, with armor-like shells that protect them from predators. But do turtles have ears? The answer is not as straightforward as you might think.

Turtle Anatomy

Turtles have a variety of features that we associate with “ears”, like an external ear structure, or an auditory canal or drum. But, none of these are true ears. Turtles have their own unique anatomy which includes:

  • No external ears – Turtles have no external ears, unlike other animals like dogs and cats.
  • Eardrums – They do have eardrums, which are located inside the turtle’s head.
  • Nerve endings – Turtles also have small nerve endings near the side of their heads that can detect sound.
  • Sensitive skin – Their skin is also sensitive to vibrations, which can help them detect sound.

Hearing Abilities

Turtles are able to detect sounds, but their hearing is not as sharp as other animals. Most of the sounds that a turtle can hear are low frequency sounds such as thunder and waves hitting the shore. They can also detect vibrations, which helps them sense potential predators and other animals nearby.


In conclusion, turtles do not technically have ears like other animals but they are able to detect sound and vibrations. Despite their limited hearing capabilities, they’re still able to hear enough to sense predators and find food. So, while turtles may not have “ears” in the traditional sense, they do have the ability to hear a certain range of sounds.

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