Do Wild Horses Have Overgrown Hooves


Wild Horses and Overgrown Hooves

It is important to have a basic knowledge of hoof care, especially when it comes to the hooves of wild horses. In particular, one should be aware of the issue of overgrown hooves, a problem that can develop with the hooves of a wild horse.

What are Overgrown Hooves?

Overgrown hooves refer to hooves that have grown beyond an expected size or length as a result of improper hoof care or lack of trimming. Generally, horse hooves need trimming and shoeing every two to four months to keep them at the correct length for healthy activity.

Are Wild Horses Prone to Overgrown Hooves?

Yes, wild horses are more prone to overgrown hooves than domesticated horses. This occurs for several reasons.

    • Wild horses typically do not receive the same level of farrier care as domesticated horses, meaning that their hooves are not trimmed as frequently.


    • Wild horses inhabit harsh terrain, which can cause them to wear down their hooves at an accelerated rate.


    • In some cases, nutritional deficiencies can lead to slow hoof growth, resulting in overgrown hooves.


What are the Consequences of Overgrown Hooves?

Overgrown hooves can cause a variety of health issues. For instance, the hooves may become too long or too wide, making it difficult for the horse to move or push off the ground. Additionally, the hooves can become dry, brittle, and infected, leading to pain and discomfort for the horse. If left untreated, these issues can even lead to lameness.

How can I Prevent Overgrown Hooves in Wild Horses?

The best way to prevent overgrown hooves in wild horses is to ensure that they receive adequate farrier care. This means having a knowledgeable farrier visit the horses frequently to trim their hooves and clean out any debris that could cause issues. Additionally, proper nutrition is essential for healthy hoof growth. An experienced nutritionist can help in this regard, creating a balanced diet specifically tailored to the needs of wild horses.


Wild horses are particularly prone to overgrown hooves due to lack of proper farrier care, difficult terrain, and nutritional deficiencies. Thus, it is important to be aware of this issue and provide the necessary levels of care to keep the hooves in good health. With the right care, wild horses can remain healthy and continue to thrive in the wild.

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