Do You Need A License To Sell Reptiles In Texas


Do You Need a License to Sell Reptiles in Texas?

Texas is a great place for both hobbyists and commercial breeders of reptiles, but does this state require individuals to have a license in order to sell these creatures? The answer is both yes and no.

Commercial Breeding License

As of late 2019, individuals in Texas are required to have a commercial breeding license in order to sell reptiles. This means that individuals who are keeping and breeding reptiles for profit need to register for the license with the Texas Department of State Health Services. This license is somewhat expensive, at $135 for the first year and $68 for subsequent years.

With this license, holders are able to buy, sell, and transport reptiles. The license is also not limited to just one kind of reptile, but they must be sold alive, as the license is only valid for live wildlife.

Pet Business License

Individuals who wish to sell reptiles in Texas are also required to have a pet business license. This license is acquired from both the city and county government which you are servicing. The cost of this license varies between local governments, but it may cost up to $100 for the first year and then a fee for subsequent years.

This license affords you the ability to sell pet products, such as reptiles, in the city or county which you are located in. However, it should be noted that this license is not necessary if you are selling your reptiles in a pet store which already has its own pet business license.


In conclusion, if you are selling reptiles for profit in Texas, then you will need both a commercial breeding license and a pet business license. Both of these licenses come with an initial and annual fee, but they open up the ability to sell, buy, and transport reptiles in Texas. Breeding or having pet reptiles without these licenses is still possible, but one cannot make a living or profit from them without these licenses.

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