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Does Bearded Dragons Drink Water


Do Bearded Dragons Drink Water?

Bearded dragons, also referred to as “beardies,” are incredibly popular lizards to keep as pets. But before taking on the responsibility of owning a beardy, one must ask – do Bearded Dragons drink water?

The short answer is yes – bearded dragons do need water in order to survive. More specifically, they require access to fresh and clean drinking water at all times. As they are desert dwelling creatures, beardies need to drink water to counteract their dry surroundings, and to keep their bodies hydrated and their organs functioning properly.

Direct Hydration

In the wild, bearded dragons would typically drink water by licking droplets off of leaves and other surfaces in the heat of the sun or after a rain. However, in captivity, it is much easier to provide direct hydration. Here are some ways to provide fresh, clean water to your beardy:

    • Reptile Water Bottle: this is a great option for those who want to be able to see the water level. It is like a hamster water bottle, but the opening is designed for a reptile’s long tongue, so the water can be accessed easily.


    • Water Bowl: this is a simple option, as all you need is a shallow bowl and some water. Be sure to clean it on a regular basis with warm soapy water, and to refresh the water frequently.


    • Misting: some beardies will drink droplets off of leaves and rocks when they are watered in this manner. This consideration might be helpful if your beardy lives in a dry environment, as misting can help to provide the necessary hydration.


Hydration through Food

Bearded dragons need to drink water, but they also have adapted a way to receive hydration from their food. Food items such as greens and vegetables that have a high moisture content can help to supply this water. Some popular items for beardies that offer hydration include carrots and squash.

Regular Monitoring

It is important to monitor your beardy and make sure it is drinking enough water every day. Signs of dehydration in a bearded dragon can include lethargy, sunken eyes, weight loss, and wrinkling of the skin. If you suspect your beardy is not drinking enough, it is wise to take it to the vet to ensure its health and wellbeing.


Do bearded dragons drink water? Yes – providing clean and fresh drinking water for your beardy is an important part of its care. When combined with their ability to receive water from their food, proper hydration can help keep a bearded dragon happy and healthy.

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