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Does Bearded Dragons Hibernate


Do Bearded Dragons Hibernate?

While many reptiles do actually enter a state of hibernation, bearded dragons are not one of them. In fact, bearded dragons are actually diurnal reptiles, meaning they are active in the daylight hours and sleep at night. This means that bearded dragons do not hibernate, even during cold or extreme weather conditions.

What do Bearded Dragons Do in Cold Weather?

During cold weather, bearded dragons will do one of two things:

    • Basking: Bearded dragons will spend most of their day basking in warm spots or under a special light to stay warm.


    • Burrowing: Bearded dragons will also burrow themselves in the substrate or bedding to help preserve their body heat in colder temperatures.


Signs of Hibernation

Bearded dragons will display certain behaviors when hibernating, and these behaviors include:

    • Lack of movement or lethargy


    • Not eating or drinking


    • Loss of appetite


    • Shallow breathing


    • Lack of interest in its environment


Since bearded dragons do not hibernate, you should not see any signs of hibernation. If you do, it could be a sign of an illness or other health issue, and you should consult a vet immediately.


Although bearded dragons do not hibernate, they are still quite sensitive to cold weather and should be kept indoors during extreme temperatures. Keeping them warm and comfortable is key in order to ensure that they stay healthy and happy.

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