does box turtles like water

Do Turtles Like Water?

When it comes to turtles, there is one question many turtle owners are asking: do turtles like water? The answer is yes! Almost all turtles, including box turtles, have a natural affinity for water, and for good reason.

Benefits of Water for Turtles

Water can provide a number of benefits for turtles:

  • Hydration – Turtles absorb water to stay hydrated and healthy.
  • Bathing – Turtles use water to clean and maintain their shells.
  • Temperature Regulation – Water helps turtles regulate their body temperatures.
  • Protection – Turtles hide in water to help protect themselves from potential predators.

How do Box Turtles Enjoy Water?

Box turtles typically love spending time in water. Not only can they bathe and hydrate, but they can also have lots of fun! Box turtles often swim around and can play by tilting their heads upside down and trying to grab food from the bottom of the pond. Additionally, water provides an opportunity for turtles to safely explore the environment and can provide refuge in times of trouble. Box turtles also enjoy drinking and getting splashed with water!


Given the numerous benefits that water can provide, it is easy to see why almost all turtle species enjoy spending time in water, including box turtles. By providing your box turtle with a clean and safe body of water, you can help them stay healthy and happy.

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