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Keeping Furry Friends with You on the Road: Does Fairfield Inn Allow Pets?

Traveling with pets can be tricky. Pets are members of the family too, but each hotel and motel has its own allowance when it comes to animals. Fairfield Inn is one of the most well-known chain hotels, and travelers often wonder whether they accept travelling with pets. Here’s what you need to know about bringing pets to a Fairfield Inn.

Does Fairfield Inn Allow Pets?

Yes, Fairfield Inn allows pets at many of its locations. Accompanied by their humans, pets are welcome to stay in Fairfield Inn and Suites at numerous locations. Each hotel may have slightly different pet policies, but generally, your furry friend can stay for an additional fee.

Pet Fee

Fairfield Inn has a pet policy in place that requires customers to pay for their pet’s stay. Most pet overnight fees range from $25-75 per pet per night but this can vary slightly from location to location. Make sure to call ahead and confirm the exact fee for your particular hotel.

What Should You Bring

To make sure your pet’s stay is as comfortable as possible, you may want to bring:

  • Food and Water Bowls – Check with your individual location to see if they provide these items.
  • A Pet Bed and Blankets – Some locations may offer pet beds and blankets, but it’s better to bring your own furniture and bedding to keep your pet comfortable.
  • Toys – Don’t forget your pet’s favorite toys or puzzles! Toy time is a great way to keep your pet occupied and having fun.
  • Crates or Gates – If your pet needs to be contained in a certain area, bring a crate or gate to accommodate them.

Wrapping Up

So does Fairfield Inn allow pets? Yes! Most Fairfield Inn locations accept pets, and there may be a small fee to accomodate your furry friend. Make sure to call ahead and confirm the exact fee, as well as other details specific to your hotel. With a little preparation and packing, you can enjoy your vacation with your pet in tow.

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