Does Fish Fertilizer Attract Animals


Does Fish Fertilizer Attract Animals?

Fish fertilizer is a natural and chemical-free form of plant fertilizer that is popular amongst gardeners. But, does this fertilizer also attract animals to the area?

Environmental Benefits of Fish Fertilizer

Fish fertilizer is known for its chemical-free and organic benefits. It is created by enzymatically breaking down ocean-dwelling fish such as sardines and anchovies. The resulting fish emulsion contains nitrogen and other trace minerals that are used to nourish the soil.

Do Animals Find Fish Fertilizer Appealing?

Fish fertilizer does not actively attract animals into an area. The smell of the fertilizer is not offensive, but it isn’t pleasant either. Animals, like humans, see fertilizer as a sign of food, but without any other food attractants in the area, the fertilizer has a low chance of bringing in additional local wildlife.

Can Fish Fertilizer Attract Animals in Special Cases?

There are some cases where fish fertilizer can attract animals. For example, if other food sources are scarce in the region and the fertilizer is placed in an area close to their habitat, animals may be drawn to it in search of food. Additionally, if other enticing smells are present, such as a garden full of vegetables, animals may end up discovering the fertilizer as well.

Ways To Avoid Attracting Animals To Fish Fertilizer

To avoid attracting animals to the fish fertilizer, there are a few things gardeners can do:

    • Place it away from areas where animals may come: Fertilizer should be placed in a safe and secure spot away from any animal habitats.


    • Use caution when applying it: Applying it with less concentration, or using a hose to spread the fertilizer from afar, can be helpful in reducing the smell.


    • Cover it up: If there are animals in the area, it is a good idea to cover the fertilizer with a tarp or soil. This will help keep the smell more contained and reduce the chances animals find it.


In conclusion, fish fertilizer does not actively attract animals, however, there are cases where animals may discover it. To avoid attracting animals, it is best to place the fertilizer in a safe and secure spot away from the animal’s habitat, use caution when applying the fertilizer, and cover it up if need be.

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