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does frontier airlines allow pets

Does Frontier Airlines Allow Pets?

Traveling with pets can be tricky business – not all airlines are willing to allow furry family members. So, the question on everyone’s minds is, does Frontier Airlines allow pets?

The short answer is yes – Frontier Airlines does allow pets on select flights. But there are a few things to consider before making a pet reservation.

Requirements and Restrictions

Here are the requirements and restrictions for Frontier Airlines pet policy:

  • Only cats, dogs, and rabbits are allowed in the cabin. Other small domesticated animals may be allowed, but must be arranged with Frontier Airlines during booking
  • Each passenger may only bring one pet per travel session
  • All pets must remain in a pet carrier under the seat in front of the customer
  • Pets must be able to fit in the carrier with the door shut
  • Unlike most other pet policies, Frontier Airlines allows pets to fly in the cabin even if they exceed the standard pet size limits
  • All guests traveling with pets will be required to pay an applicable pet carry-on fee. This fee is non-refundable.

Making a Reservation for Your Pet

If you are planning to travel with a pet, you will need to make a reservation for them by calling the Frontier Airlines reservations center at 1-801-401-9000. At this time, Frontier Airlines does not allow pets to be booked online.

Make sure to also check your airport’s rules regarding pet travel. Some airports require additional paperwork and may have additional fees or restrictions.

Most importantly, never place your pet in the cargo area of the plane. It is not regulated by the same temperature standards as the cabin and can be extremely dangerous for your pet.


Frontier Airlines does allow pets onboard select flights, however there are some requirements and restrictions to be aware of before making a pet reservation. Make sure to call the reservations center and check with your airport for additional restrictions and fees.

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