Does Geckos Bite?


Does Geckos Bite?

Geckos are small, cute lizards with delicate feet. “Does Geckos Bite?” You may have seen them running up walls or across the ceilings in your home or garden. But can geckos bite? It’s a question that many people ask.

Gecko Bites

In general, geckos usually avoid biting humans. However, when threatened or injured, they may bite out of self-defense. Gecko bites are not serious, though the bite area may be painful and slightly swollen.

Gecko Species

Different species of geckos may have different temperaments. Generally, the smaller species of geckos just flee when they feel threatened, while larger ones may bite.

Common Geckos

Common species of geckos found indoors include:

    • House geckos: House geckos are generally non-aggressive and non-toxic. They avoid biting, but may take a nip if they feel threatened.
    • Mediterranean geckos: Mediterranean geckos are typically non-aggressive and are unlikely to bite unless provoked or injured.
    • Tokay geckos: Tokay geckos are the largest species of indoor geckos and can be quite aggressive. They may bite if they feel threatened.


Preventing Gecko Bites

If you have geckos in your home, there are a few steps you can take to prevent them from biting:

    • Avoid handling the geckos. Handling the geckos can make them anxious and defensive, leading to a bite.
    • Don’t corner the geckos as they may try to defend themselves.
    • Keep the geckos’ habitat clean and tidy to reduce the risk of infection, which can make them more aggressive.
    • If a gecko bites you, gently remove it from your skin and clean and disinfect the bite area.



In summary, geckos usually avoid biting and will only do so if they feel threatened or injured. Different species of geckos may have different temperaments, with larger ones being more likely to bite. If you have geckos in your home, it’s important to handle them carefully and keep their habitat clean to reduce the risk of a bite.

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