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Can Guinea Pigs Bite


Can Guinea Pigs Bite?

When thinking of owning a pet, a guinea pig likely doesn’t feature in the list of choices. However, guinea pigs are actually very popular pets that can make great companions.

If you pet or want to pet a guinea pig, you may be wondering, can guinea pigs bite? The answer is yes and no.

Yes, Guinea Pigs Can Bite

Guinea pigs are capable of biting as they have teeth and they can use them, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will bite you. More often than not, biting from a guinea pig is in response to fear or pain. Typically, the most common cause of guinea pigs biting is due to a lack of trust.

How To Stop Your Guinea Pig From Biting



  • Give them time to adjust – It is important to give your guinea pig time to adjust to their new environment once you bring them home. This means not immediately picking them up and cuddling with them.




  • Form trust – Forming trust between you and your guinea pig is key. Let them come to you on their own will without any force or forceful handling.




  • Limit touching – Too much handling can also make them nervous. Too much touching can make them uncomfortable and run away. So limit the amount of times that you touch them.


These are some measures you can take to help stop your guinea pig from biting. Remember, this is only normal behavior and should not be seen as aggression.


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