does japan have snakes

Do Snakes Live in Japan?

Snakes are one of the most feared and misunderstood creatures on the planet. Japan is no exception. While people may think that snakes don’t live in Japan, there are actually several species of snakes that do live in the country.

Types of Snakes Found in Japan

There are several species of snakes found in Japan, including:

  • Habu: Found in Okinawa, the Habu snake is a species of pit viper. It is a venomous species of snake, although there have been very few deaths resulting from its bite.
  • Mamushi: The Mamushi snake is also found in Okinawa. It is a timid species, but is still venomous and experts advise people to leave it alone if they encounter it.
  • Himehabu: The Himehabu is a relatively rare species of snake found in the remote woodlands of Hokkaido. It is a venomous snake, but it is not considered to be dangerous to humans.
  • Hollow Snake: Endemic to the islands of Japan, the Hollow Snake is an extremely uncommon species of snake. It is not venomous and poses no danger to humans.

Are Snakes Dangerous?

In general, snakes found in Japan prefer to avoid humans and encounters with them are rare. As such, humans are not under any real danger from the snakes, as long as they are left alone. However, it is still advised that anyone who sees a snake in Japan should leave it alone and allow it to go on its way.

Overall, there are several species of snakes that are found in Japan, but most of them are not a threat to humans. As long as people are aware of the fact that there are snakes in the area, and give them the space and respect that they need, there doesn’t need to be any fear or worry about encountering snakes.

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