Does Kevin Costner Have Horses


Does Kevin Costner Have Horses?

Does Kevin Costner Have Horses Kevin Costner, the two-time Academy Award-winning actor, is well known for his interest in horses, but does he actually own any? The answer is yes – Costner does, in fact, own horses.

How Many Horses Does Costner Own?

Though the exact number is not known, Costner is believed to own a small herd of horses. He typically purchases horses from local sellers and trainers.

What Kind of Horses Does Kevin Costner Have?

Costner is known to prefer Paint, Quarter Horse and Tennessee Walking horses.

Where Does He Keep His Horses?

Costner usually keeps his horses on his ranch in Aspen, Colorado. He also has often been seen riding his horses in and around the area.

Why Does Kevin Costner Love Horses So Much?

Costner has often spoken of his love of horses and the joy they bring him. He spoke in an interview with Esquire magazine of horseback riding being a “form of meditation,” and how the experience of being on a horse brings him peace and relaxation.

Famous Actors Who Love Horses

Kevin Costner isn’t the only Hollywood star who has an affinity for horses. Other famous actors who love and own horses include:

    • Clint Eastwood: Eastwood has owned a horse ranch in California for many years and is often seen riding in the area.


    • John Wayne: Wayne was known for his love of horses and was seen riding in many of his iconic westerns.


    • Will Smith: Will Smith is known to be an avid horse-rider, owning and training several horses himself.


So, if you’re a fan of Kevin Costner, you can rest assured he has horses and enjoys riding them whenever he can.

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