does leopard geckos bite

Do Leopard Geckos Bite?

Leopard geckos are one of the most popular lizards to keep as pets, due to their fun temperament, friendliness and the wide range of morphs available. Many potential owners of a leopard gecko have one burning question, “do leopard geckos bite?”.

The Facts

The simple answer is, yes, leopard geckos do bite. Whilst most leopard geckos will not use biting as a means of self-defense, there are still a few circumstances in which a leopard gecko may bite:

  • Feeding: If you are new to owning a leopard gecko and you make mistakes when trying to feed it, it is possible it might bite. Be sure to familiarize yourself with how to feed them properly.
  • Aggression: Leopard geckos may exhibit aggressive behavior towards other geckos or even their owners. Keep an eye out for signs of territoriality, tail waving, and vocalizations.
  • Over-handling: Due to their generally docile nature, leopard geckos often get comfortable with their owners, so much so that they may get over-handled. If they are handled too much they may become stressed out and lash out with a bite.

Preventing a Bite

The best way to prevent a leopard gecko bite is to respect their space. Do not over-handle your gecko and always be gentle. It is important to have a regular routine to ensure that your pet remains healthy and happy. Feed your gecko the appropriate food and make sure to provide a clean and well-maintained habitat.

In conclusion, leopard geckos do bite but it is usually in cases of defensive behavior or when they are over-handled. By providing the appropriate care and following a regular routine you can keep your leopard gecko healthy and safe, and help prevent them from biting.

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