does purina amplify make horses hot

Does Purina Amplify Make Horses Hot?

Although many horse owners are familiar with the brand Purina and its line of animal nutrition products, many may not know that Purina has created a feed specifically made to help horses gain muscle and balance their caloric intake. It is called Purina Amplify Nugget, and it can be a great source of nutrition for horses.

When it comes to horses, the question on everyone’s mind is: does Purina Amplify make horses hot? It can depend on many factors, but the answer is generally a resounding no. Here’s what you need to know about how Purina Amplify affects horses and the answer to the question “does Purina Amplify make horses hot”:

How Does Purina Amplify Affect Horses?

Purina Amplify is designed to help improve the muscle and body condition of horses by helping them gain muscle while decreasing their risk of laminitis, a condition that affects hoof health. Purina Amplify is made with a mix of vegetable oil, oat hulls, and other ingredients that provide essential fatty acids and essential amino acids that horses need to stay healthy. This can help balanced their energy supply and meet their calorie requirements.

However, the key is not to provide too many calories for your horse. If a horse has access to too much food, they can quickly become overweight, leading them to become too hot and increase the risk of laminitis.

Does Purina Amplify Make Horses Hot?

In short, no. Feeding Purina Amplify may increase muscle bulk in horses, but it does not cause them to become hot. In fact, if your horse is prone to being too hot, giving them Purina Amplify can actually help to keep them cool. As long as you don’t give your horse too much of the feed and make sure to exercise them regularly to keep them active and healthy, feeding them Purina Amplify should not make them overly hot.

Tips for Feeding Purina Amplify to Horses

  • Start with small amounts – at first, only give your horse a small quantity of Purina Amplify. This will help you to monitor how much they are eating without overfeeding them and to adjust the quantity as needed.
  • Feed according to your horse’s needs – every horse is different, so you will need to adjust the amount of Purina Amplify that you give your horse accordingly.
  • Avoid feeding it to horses during hot weather – it is not recommended to feed Purina Amplify to horses during hot weather as this could potentially make them too hot.
  • Watch for signs of overheating– watch for signs of overheating in your horse, such as increased water consumption, increased respiration, or increased sweating. All of these can indicate that your horse is becoming too hot.
  • Exercise regularly – finally, make sure to exercise your horse regularly to help keep them healthy and active which could help to keep them from becoming too hot.


To answer the question “does Purina Amplify make horses hot,” the answer is generally no. It can be beneficial for balancing the energy supply in horses, and as long as they are fed appropriately and exercised regularly, they should not become too hot. However, make sure to keep an eye on your horse for signs of overheating and adjust the amount of Purina Amplify that you feed them accordingly.

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