Does Snakes Lay Eggs


Do Snakes Lay Eggs?

Snakes are an unusual and fascinating animal, and it’s no surprise that humansare curious about their behavior. One of the more interesting questions about snakes is whether or not they lay eggs.

Do Snakes Lay Eggs?

The short answer is yes! Snakes are classified as oviparous animals, which means that they lay eggs to reproduce. Snakes lay fertile eggs that they have produced internally. Some female snakes exhibit what is known as “ovoviviparity”, meaning the eggs remain inside the female’s body until they hatch.

What Does a Snake Egg Look Like?

A snake egg looks like a small, leathery orb. Many species of snakes lay eggs in a membranous envelope. These eggs are typically white, though they may also be tan or brown. The size and shape of the eggs will vary depending on the species of snake.

Where Do Snakes Lay their Eggs?

Wild snakes typically lay their eggs in warm, humid places such as under leaves, inside tree hollows, or even buried in the ground. Domestic snakes usually lay their eggs in a specially prepared cage with the proper substrate and temperature.

What Happens After Snake Eggs are Laid?

Most species of snakes will abandoned their eggs once they have been laid. It is up to the eggs to survive with the environment’s natural elements such as rain, snow, and birds. Some snakes may stay with the eggs while they hatch, while others may return to check on them periodically.

What Do Snake Babies Look Like?

Baby snakes look almost identical to the adult versions of the same species. This includes the same body shape, scales, and head shape. The main difference is that they are much smaller and more delicate.


Snakes are an incredibly unique animal and there is certainly a lot to learn and understand about them. They are oviparous, meaning they lay eggs, which look like small, leathery orbs with an usually white shell. After laying the eggs, most species of snakes will abandon them until the baby snakes hatch. The babies will look almost identical to their adult counterparts, just much smaller and delicate.

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