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Does Uber Allow Pets


Does Uber Allow Pets?

For many people, pets are part of their family. So, naturally it would be convenient to take them with you on an Uber ride. As of 2019, Uber does allow passengers to bring pets in the car at no additional cost, as long as the policy is followed and the safety of everyone is considered.

What Pets Are Allowed?

Most Uber ride-hailing services allow passengers to bring small domestic pets in the car, including dogs and cats, as long as the pet is well behaved and according to the driver’s personal preferences.

Tips for Bringing Pets on Uber Rides.

Here are some tips on bringing your pet with you on an Uber ride:

    • Check beforehand: Before you book a ride, ensure that the driver is okay with you bringing your pet, and make sure to inspect the car for any safety aspects, particularly if it’s a larger breed.


    • Contain them: It is important that your pet is safely and properly contained during the journey. This includes keeping the pet in an appropriate pet carrier or in a seat belt harness.


    • Clean up: After the journey, politely ask the driver if they would like for you to clean up any pet hair or mess left by your pet. This will help improve your rating and future bookings on Uber.


In conclusion, it is possible to bring your pet along with you on an Uber ride, as long as you follow the policies and take the necessary precautions.

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