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Does Uber Take Pets


Does Uber Take Pets?

Are you curious about whether or not you can bring your pet along with you when you need a ride? Fortunately, Uber does allow some pets to travel with you, so you don’t have to leave your furry friend at home.

What Animals Does Uber Allow?

Uber allows certain animals in their vehicles, provided they are house-trained, in an approved carrier and not disruptive to the driver or other riders. Generally, the types of animals allowed include:

    • Dogs


    • Cats


    • Small, caged pets such as hamsters and rabbits


Although Uber is lenient with allowing some pets in vehicles, they do have a couple of restrictions. For instance, they do not allow dogs that exhibit aggressive behavior and they do not allow passengers to carry live reptiles.

How Does Uber Handle Traveling With Pets?

Uber has created a separate service that caters specifically to passengers traveling with pets. When a rider requests a ride with their pet, the driver will be notified that a pet – and the type of pet – is traveling in the vehicle. If a driver is uncomfortable transporting animals, they can decline the request.

Uber also states that passengers are responsible for cleaning up any messes or damages that may occur in their vehicles due to traveling with pets.

Tips for Traveling With Pets in an Uber

The best way to ensure that your pet – and the driver – are comfortable is to follow these tips:

    • Keep your pet in an approved carrier and make sure that it’s secure. Remember that your pet must be in an approved carrier for any Uber rides involving pets.


    • Talk with your driver. Before you get in the car, let the driver know that you’re traveling with a pet. Give them a chance to decline the ride if they aren’t comfortable.


    • Have cleaning supplies on hand. We all know that pets have accidents and messes, so it’s best to have cleaning supplies – such as wipes and paper towels – so you can clean up any messes that may occur during the ride.


Uber is a great option for those whose pets can’t be left at home. With Uber’s pet-friendly policy, you can easily travel with your pet and know that they are safe and comfortable.

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