Does Vinegar Keep Geckos Away


Does Vinegar Keep Geckos Away?

Vinegar is one of the oldest and most reliable remedies for many households for a variety of reasons. Its versatility and odor have been used for generations for many different purposes including using it as an insect repellent. So, does vinegar keep geckos away?

What Exactly is Vinegar?

Vinegar is made up of dilute acetic acid, which is a highly acidic liquid with a pungent odor. This acidity is what makes it such a great natural repellent.

Does Vinegar Keep Geckos Away?

The short answer is yes! Vinegar can be used to ward off geckos, but it is only effective in certain circumstances. It is best used in a spray bottle and applied directly to any areas where geckos might be entering the house. The strong odor of the vinegar should help to keep the geckos away.

Using Vinegar as a Repellent

Using vinegar to keep geckos away is a simple process. Here are some tips:

    • Mix Vinegar with Water: Mix equal parts of vinegar and water in a spray bottle. The strong odor of the vinegar should make most geckos turn away.


    • Spray Areas Where Geckos Are Entering: Spray the vinegar solution directly on any areas where geckos may be entering the house including windows, doors, and cracks in the walls.


    • Clean Up Any Leaks: Make sure to mop up any leaked vinegar solution or residue on porous materials such as carpets, fabrics, or upholstery.


    • Reapply Regularly: It is important to reapply the vinegar solution regularly to ensure that it is effective against geckos.


Overall, using vinegar is a great natural way to keep geckos away from your home. It can be a bit smelly, but it is one of the most effective methods to repel geckos. Just make sure to reapply regularly and clean up any leaked vinegar solution.

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