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Don’s Pets

Don is an animal lover with a peculiar collection of furry, feathered and scaly creatures. His house is filled with exotic and playful pets – including reptiles, mammals and birds.


Don’s pet mammals include:

  • Ferret: Don has a pair of ferrets named Henry and Ella. They are wild and mischievous and love to explore the house.
  • Capybara: The capybara is Don’s most unusual mammal. It is the world’s largest rodent, and Don loves watching it swim around the pond in his backyard.


Don’s reptiles include:

  • Bearded dragons: Don has a collection of colorful bearded dragons that are always full of personality.
  • Turtles: He also houses a few box turtles in his backyard, who bask in the sun and explore the garden.


Don’s bird family includes:

  • Parrots: Don has a flock of talking parrots that filled the house with noise and laughter.
  • Finches: Don also keeps a number of finches in an aviary in his backyard. They always make a cheerful chirping sound that can be heard throughout the neighbourhood.

Don loves his unusual pet collection and they bring lots of joy and laughter to his home. He cares for each of them and makes sure they get the best care and love they deserve.

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