how amphibians are different from reptiles

Amphibians vs Reptiles

Amphibians and reptiles are both part of the same group of animals called ‘vertebrates’, as they both have spinal columns. However, they are very distinct in terms of their environment, reproduction, and diet.


  • Amphibians typically live in aquatic environments such as ponds, streams, and other bodies of water. They also live in wet, humid areas on land.
  • Reptiles generally live in dry land-based areas such as deserts, forests, and grasslands, but some aquatic species exist, like visits.


  • Amphibians usually lay their eggs in water and rely on an aquatic environment for reproduction. They often undergo a process of metamorphosis (changes in physical form) as they grow.
  • Reptiles have a more advanced reproductive system and lay their eggs on land. Reptiles do not undergo the same type of metamorphosis as amphibians do and spend more time in their adult form.


  • Amphibians mostly feed on insects, worms, and other invertebrates, but some larger species may consume fish and other vertebrates.
  • Reptiles usually feed on invertebrates such as insects, but some larger species may also consume small animals, such as mice, other reptiles, and even birds.

To summarize, amphibians and reptiles are similar in that they are both vertebrates and lay eggs. But they are different in terms of their environment, reproduction, and diet. While both groups of animals are fascinating to observe and learn about, it is clear that they are two distinct and unique species.

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