how are amphibians and reptiles alike

Similarities Between Amphibians and Reptiles

The animal kingdom is home to many different classes of creatures, including amphibians and reptiles. While they may seem different in name, they actually share numerous similarities.

Body Structure

Both amphibians and reptiles share a common body structure. They both have a spinal cord, a heart, and a brain. They both have lungs and a two-chambered heart, but they also have significantly different skeletal structures. Amphibians have a three-chambered heart while reptiles have a four-chambered heart. Their outer skin is also covered in hard, scaly armor to help them survive in their environments.


Amphibians and reptiles both use their limbs to move about their environment. Reptiles typically use their limbs to crawl and move short distances, while amphibians can move much more quickly. Reptiles can also use their claws and bodies to help them climb and swim, while amphibians rely mainly on their limbs.


Both amphibians and reptiles are typically found in water as well as on land. Amphibians are typically found in and around bodies of water, while reptiles are usually found in and around deserts, forests, and even farmlands.


Both amphibians and reptiles are carnivorous, meaning they feed primarily on other animals. Reptiles, however, are known to feed on a variety of smaller animals such as insects, while amphibians prefer to hunt smaller creatures such as worms and tadpoles.


Both amphibians and reptiles use a variety of methods to defend themselves. Reptiles have feet with claws and skin with scales, which can be used to ward off predators. Amphibians, on the other hand, rely mainly on camouflage to hide from predators.


Amphibians and reptiles share a common method of reproduction, known as egg-laying. They both lay eggs, which then hatch into young. Amphibians must lay their eggs in water, while reptiles lay their eggs on land.


These are just a few of the similarities that amphibians and reptiles share. Even though they may seem different in name, they have far more in common than you may have expected. Whether it be their body structure, movement, habitats, feeding, defense, or reproduction, both amphibians and reptiles surely have their similarities.

With this article, you can now easily identify some of the main similarities between amphibians and reptiles.

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