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How Big Are Guinea Pig Brains


How Big Are Guinea Pig Brains?

Guinea pigs, scientifically known as Cavia porcellus, are small rodents that are seen in households everywhere as pets. They have been domesticated since the 16th century and have an interesting personality to boot. But have you ever wondered what type of brains they have?


Let’s start by looking at the size of guinea pig brains. A guinea pig’s brain is 0.59g in weight, or roughly the size of a small pea. For comparison, the average human brain is 1.35kg, which makes a guinea pig brain less than half a percent the size of a human brain!


Now let’s move on to the shape and structure of the guinea pig brain. Guinea pig brains have three distinct parts:

    • Cerebrum: The cerebrum is the main, largest part of the guinea pig brain and is responsible for complex behavior, problem solving, decision-making and higher level processes such as memory and learning.


    • Cerebellum: The cerebellum is the smaller part of the guinea pig brain and is responsible for coordination and balance.


    • Brainstem: The brainstem is the smallest part of a guinea pig’s brain and is responsible for controlling basic behaviors such as regulating the nervous system, heart rate, blood pressure, and involuntary reflexes.



Although guinea pigs have a complex brain anatomy, they do not possess the cognitive capabilities and intelligence of humans. Guinea pigs are social animals and have been known to take note of their environment and learn from it, but their ability to do so is limited.


In summary, guinea pig brains are quite small and have three main parts. While they do possess some intelligence, it is nothing compared to humans. If you own a guinea pig, know that their brains won’t be able to understand complex concepts the same way that ours can – but they’ll still show you plenty of love and affection!

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