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how big do bearded dragons grow

How Big do Bearded Dragons Grow?

Bearded dragons, also known as “beardies”, are one of the most popular pet reptiles. Their friendly personalities, size, and relative ease of care has made them a popular pet. So, just how big do bearded dragons grow?

Average Size of a Bearded Dragon

The average size for a healthy, full-grown bearded dragon is about 18-22 inches (45-55 cm). The average weight for an adult bearded dragon is 200-300 grams. Of course, size can vary depending on factors like the species and diet.

Factors that Determine Size of a Bearded Dragon

When it comes to size, these factors can play a role in determining how big your bearded dragon will be:

  • Species: Depending on the species, a male bearded dragon may be larger than a female, or the reverse. For example, Pogona vitticeps, which is the most common species kept as a pet, the male can grow up to 24 inches in length.
  • Diet: A well-balanced diet can have a huge impact on how nutritious and healthy your bearded dragon will be. Bearded dragons are omnivores, so a varied diet of fresh vegetables, fruits, and insects will keep them healthy and help them reach their maximum size.
  • Environment: The environment in which they are kept also plays a role in size, as it helps influence their health and growth. A proper enclosure, with appropriate temperature and humidity levels, will also help your bearded dragon to reach its maximum size.


Bearded dragons are popular pets due to their friendly dispositions and size. Generally, bearded dragons should reach an average length of 18-22 inches (45-55 cm) and an average weight of 200-300 grams. Of course, there are several factors that can influence their size, including species, diet, and environment. Nevertheless, if provided with proper care, your bearded dragon can reach its maximum size.

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