How Big Do Box Turtles Get


How Big Do Box Turtles Get?

Box turtles are one of the most popular pet turtles in the world today, known for their hardy nature and unique shell design. But, how big can they get?

General Size

Typically, box turtles reach an average length of 4-11 inches and can weigh anywhere between 500-1600g. However, depending on the species of box turtle and where they live, they can range in size from 3-14 inches in total length!

Recognizing the Species

As there are several different species of box turtles, it is important to be able to recognize each for the purposes of finding out their exact size range. The Eastern Box Turtle, for example, is typically around 5-6 inches in length and grows to an adult weight of 500-800g. On the other hand, the Ornate Box Turtle generally reaches 6-7 inches in length and can weigh up to 1200g.

Gender Sizes

More often than not, female box turtles are usually a bit bigger than their male counterparts. For instance, males of the Eastern Box Turtle species reach a length of 5-6 inches, while female can grow up to 7 inches. Similarly, male Ornate Box Turtles will average length of 6-7 inches, while females can reach up to 9 inches.

Factors that Affect Box Turtle Sizes

The size of box turtles is primarily determined by their genetics, but environmental factors such as diet and climate can also play a role.

    • A well-nourished, healthy diet is necessary for the proper growth and development of box turtles.


    • Habitats with plenty of room in which to roam and bask can also result in larger sized box turtles.


    • Most box turtles live between 25-50 years, so they will continue to grow larger if they are provided with the appropriate living conditions.



Box turtles come in a wide variety of sizes, largely determined by their species, gender, and access to the proper living conditions. In general, they can range anywhere from 3-14 inches in total length, and weigh between 500-1600g. Whether you decide to keep one as a pet or locate one in the wild, box turtles are fascinating creatures, and understanding their size is key to appreciating their majestic beauty.

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