How Big Do Female Leopard Geckos Get


How Big Do Female Leopard Geckos Get?

How Big Do Female Leopard Geckos Get Leopard geckos are a popular breed of pet lizard that many people enjoy as a pet. One of the most common questions that people have when considering a leopard gecko is how big can they get?

Size of the Females

Female leopard geckos can grow to around 8 to 10 inches in length, depending on their age and diet. This size includes the length of the lizard’s tail, which makes up about one half of the total length. They can reach full size in about 8 to 12 months when fed a balanced diet and living in optimal conditions.

Environmental Factors

Environmental factors such as temperature and humidity can also affect the size and growth rate of your leopard gecko. Colder temperatures restrict the growth of the lizard and can result in smaller geckos. The optimal temperature range for leopard geckos is 80-85°F with a stable humidity level that hovers closer to 60%.


A healthy and balanced diet is another important factor in how big a female leopard gecko can get. They should be fed a mix of live insects and commercial food. It is best to avoid overfeeding as this can lead to obesity and health problems.


In conclusion, female leopard geckos can generally get to 8 to 10 inches, depending on their age, diet, and environment. It is important to provide your leopard gecko with a healthy and balanced diet, optimal temperatures, and plenty of hydration to ensure they reach their full size potential.

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