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how big do red morph bearded dragons get

Red Morph Bearded Dragons

The red morph bearded dragon is one of the more popular variants of the species. These lizards are characterized by their vibrant red, orange and yellow coloration, and are loved for their inquisitive personalities and mild temperament. But how big do red morph bearded dragons get?

Size & Lifespan

Red morphs are typically medium-sized lizards, growing to a length size of around 18-24 inches including the tail, and weighing up to twenty ounces as adults. Most red morphs reach their longest length after they turn 5 years old. The average lifespan of the red morph beardy is 8-12 years, so with proper care these reptiles can make delightful pets for many years.

Care Requirements

Bearded dragons are relatively easy to care for once they become established in their environment. It’s important to note that they will require appropriate space and temperature to thrive, as well as a proper diet that consists of a mix of live insects and vegetation.


When setting up a habitat for your pet red morph, you’ll need to consider the size, substrate, heating and lighting requirements. The ideal habitat for a red morph beardy should be at least 40 gallons in size, with a temperature range of 80-90°F during the day and no more than 75°F at night.


An ideal red morph bearded dragon’s diet should include a mix of live insects (such as crickets, mealworms, waxworms and superworms) and fresh vegetables and greens. They generally feed best two or three times a day, and should be fed only what they can eat in a few minutes.


Red morph bearded dragons are bright and colorful lizards that make great pets for both experienced and novice keepers. With their generally mild tones and inquisitive nature, they offer many years of companionship and fun. When cared for properly, these reptiles can grow to a size of 18-24 inches and live an average lifespan of 8-12 years.

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