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How Do Guinea Pigs Show Affection


Guinea Pig’s Affection for their Human Friends

The furry and cuddly guinea pig makes a great companion for humans. However, not everyone knows that guinea pigs can show real affection for us too. There are many different ways that these creature’s show us their love and the following lists reveals the top ways they do this.


Guinea pigs are highly communicative, using their high-pitched squeals and purrs to talk to us. If a guinea pig is particularly fond of you, they may greet your arrival with a loud purr or even jump up and down in excitement.


Guinea pigs who’ve bonded with their humans will often approach them and settle down in their lap. They’ll also grumble when petting stops and often seek out snuggles and cuddles from their owners.


When two guinea pigs have formed an especially strong bond, they’ll often groom each other. If your guinea pig is particularly fond of you, they’ll also try to groom you, occasionally nibbling and licking your hands and feet.


A guinea pig may also stretch out on their side or curl up against you. When you’re playing with them, they may give you “cavie kisses” by nibbling your finger or chin. All of these gestures indicate that a guinea pig is feeling particularly fond of you.


Many guinea pig owners report that their pets follow them around the house, often stopping at the feet of their owners while they sit or move. All these behaviors indicate a special bond forming between a guinea pig and their human friend.

In conclusion, guinea pigs are capable of expressing strong affection for their humans. If you’ve had your guinea pig for some time, you’ll notice signs of affection, ranging from squeals of joy to attempts to groom you. Paying attention to these behaviors helps you understand your guinea pig better and strengthens your bond.

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