how do snakes show affection

How Do Snakes Show Affection?

Snakes may be misunderstood due to their reputation as dangerous and standoffish animals, but the truth is that snakes can actually display signs of affection for other creatures. Although their expressions may not be as obvious as with other animals, there are several ways in which snakes show signs of affection.

Tail Vibrations

One way snakes show affection is through tail vibrations. This is more often seen in wild snakes who, when approached by a loved one, will vibrate the tip of their tail to both show that they’re happy to see you and for communication. This can be difficult to spot as the movements are usually quite gentle.

Hissing Sounds

Another way your snake might be trying to tell you they love you is through their sounds. Snakes make hissing sounds, but not necessarily out of aggression. Instead, they may have a more pleasant sound to it, almost like chirping, although this isn’t as common as the vibrations. This is associated with friendly circles, which is how snakes show respect and form social bonds with their peers.


One of the more common signs of affection is when a snake coils around a loved one or when three snakes coil around each other. This is known as communal coiling or group coiling and it’s a sign that the snake is content and enjoys being around the person or other snakes.

Body Language

Finally, snakes have their own body language that they use to communicate with each other and their human friends. This includes lifting their head off the floor and making eye contact, flattening their body against the ground and a relaxed posture, or even waving their tongue in a certain direction.

When it comes to showing affection, snakes may not be as obvious as other animal species but there are still several signs that hint that your snake is happy to be around you. With the right amount of attention, understanding and love, snakes can be wonderful and loyal friends.

Signs of Affection from Snakes:

  • Tail vibrations
  • Hissing sounds
  • Coiling
  • Body language

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