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How Do Guinea Pigs See


How Do Guinea Pigs See?

How Do Guinea Pigs See Guinea pigs are small, domesticated rodents that have become beloved pets around the world. Without a doubt, their cute, curious faces and friendly personalities have endeared themselves to many people. But how do guinea pigs see the world?

Visual Acuity

The eyes of a guinea pig are incredibly interesting. They exhibit excellent visual acuity, which means they have sharp eyesight and can detect even tiny details. This is due to their enlarged retinas, which allow them to have a wide range of vision.

Colour Vision

In addition to their sharp eyesight, guinea pigs have the ability to see many colours. Studies show that they have dichromatic vision, meaning they can detect two main colours (red and green).

Dig Camera Image

Interestingly, guinea pigs also appear to have a type of “digital camera” vision. This means that, much like a photosensor, they can quickly pick up on any sudden changes in the environment. They are also sensitive to motion, so if something is coming toward them, they can detect it and possibly seek safety.

How to Create a Comfortable Visual Environment for Your Guinea Pig

Now that you know how guinea pigs see the world, let’s discuss how to create a comfortable visual environment for them:

    • Make sure there is plenty of light. Guinea pigs need plenty of light to help them see clearly. A few hours of natural light a day is best.


    • Avoid putting them in complete darkness. This could cause their eyesight to become weak.


    • Provide plenty of enrichment. Make sure to provide a stimulating environment for your guinea pig. This could include providing a variety of toys, chew sticks, and other activities to help them stay active and entertained.



Guinea pigs have amazing eyesight and can detect even the smallest details. They have dichromatic vision, meaning they can see two main colours. They also have the ability to detect sudden changes in the environment and are sensitive to motion. Thus, it’s important to create a comfortable visual environment for your guinea pig that includes plenty of natural light and interesting activities.

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