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How do Guinea Pigs See


How do Guinea Pigs See?

Guinea pigs are small, fuzzy, cuddly animals that have become popular among pet owners due to their gentleness and tame nature. But have you ever wondered what our small friends see? How do guinea pigs view their world?


Guinea pigs can see limited colors but don’t have anywhere close to the same color vision that humans do. Research shows that Guinea Pigs see in blues and yellows, but cannot see reds. They have what is known as dichromatic vision.

Light and Dark

Guinea Pigs can distinguish between light and dark, but they do not have night vision. This is why they may become uneasy when placed in a dark setting and can quickly become stressed.

Shape and Movement

Guinea Pigs are excellent at picking up shapes and movement. It is why they tend to scurry away when something moves quickly nearby. It’s also why they are so entertaining to observe when playing; they can easily recognize toys and other activities.


Guinea Pigs struggle to assess distances. This means that it can be difficult for them to determine how far away something is. They often need to take a few steps closer or hide if it appears something is too close for their comfort.

Depth Perception

Guinea Pigs have poor depth perception which is why you will often see them doing “hops” from one step to another in order to assess the ground below them. This is a response to the lack of clear distances and boundaries for them.


To summarize, Guinea Pigs can see blues and yellows, the differences between light and dark and can easily recognize shapes and movement. However, they are limited in the colors they can identify and have difficulty assessing depths, distances and evaluating night lighting.

If you are a Guinea Pig owner, it’s important to remember these limitations and act accordingly when it comes to their environment and activities. With the right care, your pet can live a happy and comfortable life without having to worry about their vision.

Things to consider when providing care for guinea pigs:

    • Ensure there is enough light when the sun sets


    • Limit sudden movements and loud noises which may surprise them


    • Provide a comfortable and safe environment


    • Allow hiding spots for moments of stress


    • Consider adjusting their environment (e.g. ramps and stairs) to assist in evaluating distances and depths


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