how does snakes have babies

How Do Snakes Have Babies?

Snakes reproduce by laying eggs, but they don’t do so in the same way as most birds and reptiles. Snakes reproduce through a process called oviparous which involves internal fertilization and then the snakes lay their eggs. Here’s a look at this unique reproductive process and what it means for the snake population:

The Reproductive Process

Snakes engage in internal fertilization which involves the male depositing sperm inside the female, often during mating season. She then uses this to lay eggs that contain embryos.

Where Do Snakes Lay Eggs?

Snakes lay their eggs in a variety of places depending on the species. Many species of snakes lay their eggs in hollow logs, under rocks, in abandoned burrows, or in soft moist soils. Some species of snakes even guard and act as incubators for their eggs.

Incubating The Eggs

Once the eggs have been laid, they will incubate in the environment, usually in warm and moist conditions. The temperature of the environment affects the gender of the baby snakes. Generally speaking, cooler temperatures produce more male snakes while warmer temperatures will produce more female snakes.

What’s In The Egg?

Each egg contains a embryo that is suspended in a liquid medium. The embryo is nourished by the egg’s yolk sac until the young snake is ready to hatch.

Hatching Time

It usually takes about two to three months for the eggs to hatch, depending on the specific species. Once the young snakes have hatched, they will be on their own. Baby snakes have the natural instinct to find food and defend themselves from predators.


Snakes are fascinating creatures and their unique way of reproducing helps them to survive in their environment. Snakes lay their eggs in a variety of places, which helps protect their eggs from predators. The eggs will then incubate and hatch, producing young snakes that instinctively know how to care for themselves.

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