how fast do rabbits run

How Fast Do Rabbits Run?

Rabbits are known for their incredible ability to run fast, but just how fast can they move? The answer might surprise you!

Maximum Speed

At top speed, rabbits can move at around 30 mph! This remarkable speed is only possible in short bursts, however, as rabbits do not have the same amount of stamina as horses or other large animal.

Average Speed

In normal conditions, wild rabbits tend to move up to 10 mph. This is still incredibly fast in comparison to other small animals, such as rats or mice. Domesticated rabbits, on the other hand, generally don’t run as fast—unless they’re being chased by a predator or a human.

Impressive Acceleration

Despite their average speed, rabbits can reach their top running speed with remarkable acceleration. This is due to their strong legs and the anatomy of their back legs, which are longer than their front legs.

Sprinting Ability

Rabbits have an incredible sprinting ability, mainly thanks to their unique physiology. The impressive structure of their back legs, combined with the flexibility of their spine, enables them to run in bursts of incredible speed repeatedly.

Fascinating Facts About Rabbit Running

  • Rabbits can make tight turns. Since rabbits have such strong legs and flexible ankles, they are able to make sharp turns practically on a dime.
  • They can run in reverse. Rabbits can go just as fast in reverse as they can advancing forward.
  • Rabbits have excellent vision. This helps them to better maneuver while running.

In Conclusion

Rabbits have an impressive ability to run fast when they need to. With top speeds of up to 30 mph, they are some of the fastest small animals around. Even their average speed is much faster than some of their furrier friends, and their impressive sprinting capabilities can help them escape predators in moments of distress.

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