how long are frogs tongues

How Long Are Frogs’ Tongues?

Frogs are amphibious animals with a wide range of adaptations and physical features. One of the standout characteristics of frogs is their long and sticky tongues. But just how long are frogs’ tongues?

Frog Tongue Length and Function

Frogs have impressive tongues that can extend even farther than the length of their bodies. They evolved this tongue in order to help them catch their prey like insects, snails, worms, and other small creatures. Frogs’ tongues are agile, strong and sticky. The sticky feature is thanks to the mucus on their tongues, which helps them catch their prey with ease! Frogs’ tongues are also specially adapted to help them swallow much larger objects with very little effort.

Variation Between Species

The length of a frog’s tongue varies between species. On average, a frog’s tongue can range from 6 to 10 cm long in length. However, the Giant Mexican Burrowing Frog has one of the longest tongues for a frog, reaching lengths of up to 39 cm!


Frogs’ tongues are quite amazing organs. Not only are they impressively long, but they also have special adaptations that help frogs capture prey and swallow large meals. Although the exact length of a frog’s tongue depends on the species, they can range anywhere from 6 to 39 cm!

Fun Facts About Frogs’ Tongues:

  • Frogs’ tongues attach to the front of a frog’s mouth, not the back!
  • Frogs’ tongues are filled with tiny muscles that help them capture prey.
  • Frogs can flick out their tongues at incredible speeds, some as fast as 20 mph!
  • Frogs can sometimes catch up to two prey item with one catch!

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