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how long do axolotls live as pets

How Long Do Axolotls Live As Pets?

Axolotls are an interesting species of aquatic salamander, popularly kept as pets due to their unique coloration and relative ease of care. But how long do they usually live in captivity?

The Lifespan of Axolotls

In the wild, axolotls are known to reach up to 15 years old. In captivity, however, their lifespans can range from 4-12 years on average depending on their diet, environment, and receive proper veterinary care.

How to Make Sure They Live as Long as Possible

You can help your axolotl live as long and healthy life as possible with a few simple steps:

  • Provide your axolotl with an appropriate and clean tank and filtration system.
  • Feed your axolotl a balanced diet of live and frozen food, supplements, and vegetables.
  • Make sure the water temperature is kept at a stable temperature between 18-25 Celsius.
  • Take your axolotl to the vet regularly for checkups.

By following these steps, you can ensure your axolotl will live and enjoy a long life in captivity.

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