how long do geckos live in florida

How Long do Geckos Live in Florida?

Geckos are a relatively common lizard species found all over the world, but they are especially prevalent in the state of Florida. Geckos are fun and lovable creatures, and many people enjoy the presence of one in their homes. So how long do these creatures live, especially in Florida?

Average Life Span of Geckos in Florida

In Florida, the average life span of a house gecko is around 3-4 years. This means that some geckos may live longer and some may live shorter lives than this. Generally, a well-cared for gecko in good health could easily reach its full life expectancy of 4 years or more.

Factors That May Impact Life Expectancy

Besides the average life expectancy of a gecko, there are many other factors that can impact their longevity. These include:

  • Diet: A well-balanced diet is essential for a healthy and long-living gecko. A gecko should always have access to fresh vegetables and fruits such as crickets and worms.
  • Environment: A gecko’s environment is very important for its well-being. Geckos need to stay warm, so proper tank temperature and light are important for them to stay healthy.
  • Genetics: Geckos that have good genetics tend to live longer. Choosing a gecko with good genetics can help ensure that it will have a long and healthy life.
  • Stress: Stress can have a huge impact on the life expectancy of a gecko. Keeping the gecko in a calm and stress-free environment can go a long way.


The average life span of a gecko in Florida is around 3-4 years. However, proper care and a stress-free environment can make them live longer. Geckos are fun and lovable creatures and with the right amount of care and attention, they can make wonderful companions for many years to come.

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