how long do geckos live in the wild

How Long do Geckos Live in the Wild?

Geckos are small, agile and brightly colored lizards that are found throughout the world in warm, moist climates. Geckos come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors and they are considered among the most well-adapted lizards to survive in different environments. While the lifespan of geckos in the wild is dependent on various factors, most species live for an average of 4-8 years.

Factors Affecting a Gecko’s Lifespan

The following major factors play an important role in determining the lifespan of a gecko in the wild:

  • Climate: Geckos prefer a warm, dry and moist climate for their longevity. In extreme climates, a gecko life expectancy can dramatically decrease.
  • Environmental Conditions: Geckos generally prefer places with plenty of vegetation and organic material that provides shelter, food and breeding opportunities. Harsh or drought-like conditions can limit their chances of survival.
  • Diet: Geckos require a balanced diet in order for them to thrive. Poor diets can lead to improper nutrition and a shorter lifespan.
  • Predators: The presence of predators, such as cats and birds of prey, can often limit the life expectancy of wild geckos. They may not survive if they cannot hide from or escape predators.
  • Diseases: The presence of certain diseases, such as parasites or viruses, can shorten the life expectancy of geckos.


In conclusion, geckos have the potential to live for 4 to 8 years in the wild, depending on the factors listed above. With proper care and proper environmental conditions, geckos can reach their full life expectancy.

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