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how long do guinea pigs stay pregnant

How Long Do Guinea Pigs Stay Pregnant?

Guinea pigs are small, furred animals which make fantastic household pets. Many potential owners are curious about the details of guinea pig gestation and there is a range of information that owners should know.

Looking at the Average Guinea Pig Pregnancy

The average length of gestation for a guinea pig is around 60-72 days, with the more common figure being around 63-67 days. It is important to note that the length of the gestation time can vary slightly depending on the guinea pig’s individual needs.

Identifying Indicators That a Guinea Pig Is Pregnant

Once a female guinea pig is pregnant, there are certain visible characteristics which owners can use to identify if a guinea pig is pregnant. These include:

  • Increased Appetite: Pregnant guinea pigs may have an increased appetite and will consume more food than normal.
  • More Aggression: An uptick in aggression for a guinea pig is a potential sign of pregnancy.
  • Nest Building: A pregnant guinea pig may take more time and effort in trimming, grooming and constructing its own nest.
  • Abdominal Enlargement: While some guinea pigs remain relatively small during pregnancy, many show a noticeable abdominal enlargement.
  • Pink Nipples On Older Pigs: As a result of their hormonal changes, certain guinea pigs may develop pink-hued nipples throughout their pregnancy.

Understanding Hormonal Changes During Pregnancy

Pregnant guinea pigs undergo several hormonal changes. Generally speaking, a pregnant guinea pig will have levels of estrogen and progesterone which are higher than normal.

The Significance of Nest Building

The nest building process is a relatively significant stage of gestation for a guinea pig. This is because it’s the final stage before the newborn babies arrive. Therefore, it is important for owners to ensure the nest is warm and comfortable before the babies arrive.

Final Considerations

When it comes to the gestation for a guinea pig, there are several specifics owners should bear in mind. This includes the average time frame, the visible characteristics and the hormonal changes of these animals while they are pregnant.

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