how long do rabbits stay pregnant

How Long Do Rabbits Stay Pregnant?

Understanding the length of a rabbit’s pregnancy cycle is important for rabbit owners. Rabbits are capable of giving birth to several litters of bunnies each year, and knowing the length of their pregnancies will help you plan out their care and select the proper timing for mating.

Length of Rabbit Pregnancy Cycles

Rabbits have quite short pregnancy cycles, lasting only 31-33 days before they’re ready to give birth. This is much shorter than human pregnancy cycles, which last up to 40 days. It’s important to be aware of your rabbit’s cycle length if you plan on breeding them so that you can be ready for the birth of the litter.

Signs of Pregnancy in a Rabbit

You can often tell if a rabbit is pregnant by certain signs that appear after the first few weeks of gestation. As the pregnancy progresses, the rabbit’s abdomen will become enlarged, often feeling soft and squishy. Her nipples will become larger and more prominent, and she may even start nesting and exhibiting signs of nesting behavior. She may also become more interested in food and start to eat more than usual.

Preparing for a Rabbit’s Birth

Once the rabbit is pregnant, it’s important to prepare for the birth. You’ll need to provide a secluded, quiet area that is safe and comfortable for the mother and her litter. You will also need to provide lots of food, water, and hay so that the mother rabbit has plenty of nutrition when she is nursing her newborn bunnies.

Care of the Litter

Once the litter is born, it’s important to provide extra care for their safety and comfort. To ensure their safety, you’ll want to check for any potential predators like cats, owls, and snakes, as well as take steps to make sure the area is as escape-proof as possible. You’ll also need to provide plenty of food and water for both the mother rabbit and the litter. In addition, you should closely monitor the litter and make sure they are all healthy and growing normally.

Weaning the Litter

Once the litter has reached 8-10 weeks old, it will be time to begin weaning them off their mother’s milk. You’ll want to gradually introduce solid foods to the bunnies until they’re used to it. Once the weaning process is complete, the bunnies should be separated from their mother so that they can start to live independent lives.


Rabbits typically stay pregnant for 30-33 days, and their pregnancies can be easily detected after the first few weeks. It’s important to ensure that the mother rabbit has all the necessary resources and care to ensure a healthy litter size. Once the litter has been born, you’ll need to watch out for any predators and provide plenty of food and water. When they’re 8-10 weeks old, they can be weaned off their mother’s milk and start to live independent lives. All in all, understanding the length of a rabbit pregnancy cycle is important for any rabbit owner who plans to breed them.

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