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how long to bearded dragons live

How Long do Bearded Dragons Live?

Bearded Dragons, also known as Pogona Vitticeps, are a species of lizard native to Australia. They have become popular as exotic pets for their hardy, friendly and generally placid demeanor. So how long can you expect your pet beardie to stick around?

Average Lifespan of a Bearded Dragon

The average lifespan of a bearded dragon in captivity is between 8 to 12 years. But, with good care and attention, they can live up to 15 years or even longer! Generally, bearded dragons are considered “seniors” when they are about 8 years old.

Improving a Bearded Dragon’s Lifespan

Taking good care of your pet beardie is the best way to ensure they live a long, healthy life. Here are some tips to make the most of your pet’s life:

  • Provide Proper Nutrition: Bearded dragons are omnivorous, requiring a diet of both plants and insects. Provide a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as a good source of protein like crickets and earthworms.
  • Provide the Right Environment: Provide a habitat that mimics the warm, dry environment of their native Australia. This includes a warm basking light, UVA and UVB exposure, and proper humidity levels.
  • Provide Regular Vet Care: Make sure to take your dragon to the vet regularly for check-ups and screenings. This can help identify any underlying health issues early on that can be addressed quickly.

With proper care, bearded dragons can be a rewarding pet that you can enjoy for many years. So make sure you take the time to provide them with the best care possible and they will reward you with their loyal companionship.

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