how many babies do hedgehogs have

How Many Babies Do Hedgehogs Have?

The common hedgehog is a solitary mammal that is native to parts of Europe, Africa and Asia. If you look closely, you may notice that hedgehogs aren’t just solitary mammals, but they also come with a family in tow. Exactly how many babies do hedgehogs have?

The Mating Season

When it comes to having babies, the mating season for hedgehogs can vary depending on the species. During the mating season, the male hedgehog will mate with the female several times. Copulation can occur from May to mid-June, and then again after a break from July to October.

Giving Birth

After the mating, the female hedgehog will give birth to her litters of hoglets, usually sometime between mid-May and mid-August. On average, most hedgehogs give birth to 4-6 hoglets.

Caring For the Young

Though often solitary mammals, hedgehogs have an interesting care routine for their young. The female will take care of the young, making sure they stay safely tucked away in their nests. She will also teach them to hunt and fend for themselves so they’ll be prepared to survive on their own once they reach maturity.

Off They Go

By the time the hoglets reach adulthood, they will be ready to set off on their own. Once the hoglets reach adulthood, they will separate from the mother, and the cycle will start anew as she begins the search for a mate for the next breeding season.


So, to sum up, the answer to “How many babies do hedgehogs have?” is typically 4-6 hoglets per litter. After a few months of nurturing from their mother, the hoglets will be ready to set off on their own and start their own journey.

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