How Many Inches Of Bedding Do Hamsters Need


How Many Inches of Bedding Do Hamsters Need?

Hamsters are a popular pet and one of the most popular of all small animals kept in captivity.
They are relatively easy to maintain, but one important factor to consider is bedding. It’s essential to provide your little furball with enough bedding — but how much should that be?

Amount of Bedding

Generally speaking, 4 to 6 inches of bedding is plenty for a hamster. Ideally, a mixture of paper bedding and hay or shredded paper should be used in the cage. Paper bedding provides a smooth, comfortable surface for your hamster to walk on. Hay or shredded paper provides additional softness and warmth. Below are some items to consider for your hamster’s bedding:

    • Paper Bedding: Paper bedding is designed specifically for small animals such as hamsters and is made of recycled paper. It provides a comfortable, dry and dust-free surface for your pet.
    • Hay: Hay is a great addition to your hamster’s bedding and can be used to provide some padding and warmth. Timothy hay is one of the best options.
    • Shredded Paper: Shredded paper can be used in place of hay to provide softness and warmth in the cage.


Cleaning and Changing the Bedding

It’s important to clean your hamster’s cage regularly and replace the bedding every few weeks. Remove all bedding, waste, and debris from the cage. Make sure the cage is thoroughly cleaned and dried before replacing the bedding. You’ll also want to provide your hamster with fresh food and water.


In conclusion, your hamster should have at least 4-6 inches of bedding in their cage. A mixture of paper bedding, hay, or shredded paper will provide your pet with comfort and warmth. Be sure to clean and change the bedding every few weeks and provide your hamster with fresh food and water. Keeping these basic needs fulfilled will help your pet live a healthy and happy life.

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