How Many Ribs Do Rabbits Have


How Many Ribs Do Rabbits Have?

Rabbits are an interesting animal. They are often known for their long ears, their long fluffy tails, and their hops around. One other unique trait about them is their rib cage.

Do Rabbits Have the Same Number of Ribs as Humans?

No, rabbits and humans have a different number of ribs. Rabbits have 13 pairs of ribs. Whereas, humans normally have 12 pairs of ribs.

Why Do Rabbits Have More Ribs Than Humans?

Rabbits typically have more ribs because they have an extra pair of ribs located on each side of their bodies. This pair of ribs is called “floating ribs”, and it allows the rabbit to have a larger surface area for the lungs, heart and other organs, which helps in the breathing process and digestion.

What Other Differences Do Rabbits Have?

Apart from the number of ribs, rabbits have several other interesting differences from humans. Some of these differences include:

    • Fur: Rabbits are covered in fur, which helps to keep them warm in cold temperatures.


    • Teeth: Rabbits have very strong and wide incisors, which helps them to grind and chew food quickly and easily.


    • Legs: Rabbits have long, powerful hind legs that they use to hop and jump around.


    • Eyes: Rabbits have large eyes that help them to see better in the dark.



Rabbits are fascinating animals with several interesting traits that make them very special. One of these traits is their rib cage, which normally contains 13 pairs of ribs instead of the usual 12 pairs of ribs found in humans. Rabbits also have several other notable differences from humans, such as their fur, teeth, legs and eyes.

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