how many sonic hedgehogs are there

How Many Sonic Hedgehogs Are There?

Sonic the Hedgehog is an iconic video game that first released in 1991. The character has survived over thirty years, and he shows no signs of slowing down. But the question remains – just how many Sonic Hedgehogs are there?

Commemorative Sonic Hedgehogs

Throughout the years, many special Sonic Hedgehogs have been released:

  • Super Sonic: introduced in 1992, this version of Sonic is capable of flying and has invincibility powers
  • Hyper Sonic: introduced in 1994, this version of Sonic is able to move faster than ever before
  • Chao Sonic: released in 1999, this is an entertaining version of Sonic that interacts with the player

These versions of Sonic remain popular today, and can often be found in commemorative toy collections around the world.

Many Different Models

In addition to commemorative Sonic Hedgehogs, Sega has released many other models over the years. This includes figures of Sonic in different poses, and other characters from the Sonic universe. Below are some of the more popular ones:

  • Metal Sonic: this is a robotic version of Sonic from the game series
  • Transforming Sonic: in this model, Sonic can switch between car and hedgehog form
  • Sonic Boom: this is a recent update to the Sonic character, introduced in 2014

It’s clear that Sega has made sure to cover a wide range of concepts when it comes to Sonic Hedgehogs.


To conclude, it’s unclear just how many Sonic Hedgehogs exist. But it’s safe to say that Sega has created a wide range of Sonic figures, commemorative models, and other variants throughout the years. As Sonic continues to remain a popular character, it’s likely that Sega will continue to produce new Sonic Hedgehogs in the future.

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