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how many teeth does guinea pigs have

How Many Teeth Does a Guinea Pig Have?

Guinea pigs are among the most popular small pets. They are often chosen for their gentle temperaments and friendly behavior. One of the most unique characteristics of guinea pigs is the number of teeth they have and the way these teeth grow continuously throughout their life.

How Many Teeth Do Guinea Pigs Have?

On average, most guinea pigs have a total of 20 teeth. This includes 16 peg teeth and 4 incisors. Their peg teeth are the small, cone-shaped teeth on the side of their mouths, while the incisors are the sharp front teeth.

Do Guinea Pigs’ Teeth Stop Growing?

Unlike most animals, guinea pigs’ teeth never stop growing. In order to keep their mouths healthy and free of excessive growth, guinea pigs should be given items to chew on, such as untreated wood or hay cubes, every day. This helps to keep the teeth ground down and in proper proportion. Otherwise, the teeth may become overgrown, leading to uncomfortable or even painful problems for your guinea pig.

What Happens If a Guinea Pig’s Teeth Become Overgrown?

If your guinea pig’s teeth become overgrown, it can cause a number of problems, such as difficulty eating or pain when chewing. Additionally, their overgrown teeth can interfere with their ability to close their mouth and properly groom themselves. If you notice that your guinea pig’s teeth have become overgrown, you should contact your veterinarian.


Guinea pigs are popular small pets due to their endearing personalities and gentle natures. They have a unique set of teeth that consist of 16 peg teeth and 4 incisors, and their teeth grow continuously. To prevent their teeth from becoming overgrown, you should provide them with items to chew on each day. If you notice that your guinea pig’s teeth have become overgrown, contact your veterinarian immediately.

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