how many types of ferrets are there

Types of Ferrets

Ferrets are very curious and playful animals that have become increasingly popular in recent years. It’s not a surprise that many people are curious to learn more information about these furry creatures, including the different kinds.

Albino Ferrets

The most common type of ferret is the Albino. As their name implies, albino ferrets have pure white fur with pink eyes. This is the most popular type of pet ferret, since it’s exceptionally cute and easy to handle.

Sable Ferrets

Other common ferrets are Sable ferrets, which are most recognizable due to their dark brown fur. They can also have white markings and a dark patch of fur on the nose.

Panda Ferrets

Panda ferrets are very rare and can cost quite a bit. They have a unique coat that is brown, white and black. They have a white stripe on the head and two white stripes on the back. These ferrets are very striking in appearance and are quite the conversation starter.

Fuzzy Ferrets

Fuzzy ferrets have softer fur than their Albino and Sable counterparts, and they also require more grooming due to the longer fur. Fuzzy ferrets may come in traditional colors such as white, brown, and black, as well as more exotic colors like yellow, red, and blue.


In conclusion, there are several types of ferrets available to own as pets. The five most common are Albino, Sable, Panda, Fuzzy and Snow ferrets. Each has their own unique characteristics and needs specific care. Before you decide to bring one into your home, make sure you have all the necessary information about the breed you are considering.

Remember, all ferrets have different individual needs and personalities, so do your research before making a selection!

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