how much are box turtles

Box Turtles

Box turtles are popular terrestrial pet turtles, known for their distinct habits and traits. They are often referred to as American box turtles because they are native to North America.

What Do Box Turtles Look Like?

Box turtles have a domed dark brown or black shell with yellow highlights, though some species may be lighter or even more colorful. Their underside is yellow or white. Their head, neck and legs are typically dark with yellow stripes in between. They have a single toothless beak and their eyes are round and colorful.

How Much Do Box Turtles Cost?

The cost of a box turtle varies depending on the species, age, and seller. A captive-bred hatchling can cost anywhere from $20 to $200. Older box turtles will usually cost more due to their rarity.

Care for Box Turtles

Properly caring for a box turtle is essential to keep it healthy and happy. This includes ensuring the turtle has a safe and clean environment, offering the right diet, and providing adequate lighting and humidity.

  • Environment: It is important to house a box turtle in an enclosed space that is secure and escape-proof. The enclosure should be at least twice the length and width of the turtle’s shell, with a dry and a wet area. Make sure to fill the enclosure with natural objects such as rocks, logs, and plants for hiding and basking spots.
  • Diet: Offer your turtle a variety of food items such as worms, small insects, commercial turtle food, and some fruits and vegetables. Make sure to avoid feeding them animal proteins and sugary treats.
  • Lighting and Humidity: You should provide UVB light to your turtle, as well as adequate humidity in the enclosure. Provide a shallow water dish and mist the enclosure twice a day so that the humidity is between 80-85%.

Overall, box turtles are wonderful pets and provide a lot of enjoyment to their owners. They are relatively simple to care for and are sure to bring years of companionship.

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